He doesn’t approve of tax breaks for drug addicts with kids

For months I’ve struggled to understand the ever-changing arguments Senator Joe Manchin has been citing for his refusal to support Biden’s Build Back Better plan. It seems like every time we got close to addressing his underlying concerns, they changed.

You may recall that Manchin told Senate Majority Leader Chuck…

It began six years earlier in St. Petersburg

When planning a successful grift it’s important to establish the groundwork well ahead of the main event. No one understands this better than Donald J. Trump — except perhaps, Vladimir Putin.

Some have called Trump a marketing genius — I beg to differ. It’s not genius that makes Trump the…

L.A. Fosner

Writer / Activist / Catalyst for Change dispelling the myth of white/male supremacy, removing religion from government. ProLIFE not ProBIRTH

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