FBI “Whistleblowers” Were Bought by Trump Ally Kash Patel

Jordan’s latest committee stunt backfires as usual

L.A. Fosner
4 min readMay 19


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Today’s meeting of the Committee to Investigate the Weaponization of Government went about as well as expected. True to form, Jim Jordan, head of the committee, attempted to discredit the FBI after the failed Durham investigation, but he miscalculated again.

This time the FBI spoke up in their defense.

In a statement made by the head of Human Resources of the FBI, the claims of the so-called whistleblowers were obliterated by the following facts:

  1. Two witnesses lost their FBI clearances due to security concerns, which involved “multiple violations of FBI rules and guidelines” as well as failure to follow orders to investigate and arrest perpetrators of the Jan. 6 insurrection.
  2. Trump crony Kash Patel has provided financial support to two of the witnesses after they lost their clearances (and paychecks).
  3. One was stupid enough to send an email from his FBI account urging fellow FBI colleagues to refuse to cooperate with FBI Director Chris Wray’s orders to fulfill their duties as FBI agents. (The same witness downloaded classified FBI information to a thumb drive and disseminated it unlawfully.)
  4. None of the witnesses had evidence of wrongdoing by the FBI; instead, the FBI found each guilty of failure to perform their duties — something any organization would consider reasonable grounds for dismissal.
  5. None of them qualifies as a whistleblower.

As for the payments they received from Patel, according to Jim Jordan, Patel was simply taking care of the poor men who had no way to pay their bills and support their families.

So, why didn’t they get new jobs like the rest of us do when we get fired? Does Jordan think when Dems lose their jobs due to their negligence or criminal behavior, our fellow Democrats automatically send us checks?

In addition to the utter stupidity of the proceedings today, the usual shouts and fist-pounding by Jim Jordan were unsuccessful in overshadowing the calm and deliberate attempts at professionalism by the…



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