The Jim Jordan Circus Comes to Broadway

Jordan’s effort to embarrass DA Bragg embarrasses Republicans instead

L.A. Fosner
4 min readApr 18, 2023


Cartoon image of a circus elephant balancing on one leg, atop of very fragile-looking stool.
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Today’s crowd outside the Manhattan courthouse was vocal and visible, with some carrying signs that read, “Jim Jordan is a traitor,” while others called for DA Bragg’s resignation.

It’s what thinking people everywhere were expecting after House Republican and Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan announced his decision to take his committee to the New York City courthouse where Alvin Bragg indicted the disgraced twice-impeached ex-president just weeks ago.

The last time Jordan’s hero, Donald J. Trump, went to NYC, his motorcade was greeted by a crowd shouting, “New York hates Trump!” So it should have surprised no one that today’s proceedings generated ire on both sides.

But Jordan, ever the loyal lackey, made it clear before he packed his bags and brought his traveling circus to town that his goal was to make Trump happy by making DA Bragg look bad. Unfortunately for Jordan, it failed miserably, like all his prior efforts to do Trump’s bidding.

The excuse for Jordan’s traveling show was a lie



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