The One-way Loyalty Street: How will Trump’s followers react to finding out how he really feels about them?

L.A. Fosner
3 min readOct 9, 2021

How does Trump really feel about the people he’s ginned up to “take back” the country?

I think he hates them. How could he not despise people so willing to believe his lies? He may have their loyalty, but we know Trump is loyal to none.

The January 6th Committee has subpoenaed documents, including phone records of conversations between Trump and his closest WH advisers on the day of the insurrection. As expected, Trump ordered his minions not to respond to the subpoenas or cooperate with the Committee, but that’s okay. The Committee will get the docs anyway, from the National Archives.

Biden has ruled that executive privilege will not be used to block the release of these documents. So, Trump has gone from nervous to irate.

What will happen if the records the Committee accesses from the National Archives include comments from Trump that denigrate his followers?

What influence Trump has is based entirely on the Republican base believing he’s loyal to them, and thinks they are special. That is also the primary reason Republicans in Congress do his dirty work — they need the base to support them in 2022.

We know the Republican base has lost their ability to be rational and will believe anything he tells them, but what happens to their steadfast loyalty when they are presented with undeniable evidence that they have been used as pawns in Trump’s power grab?

I believe this is what Trump fears more than anything. It’s why he doesn’t use email — he can’t risk his private communications becoming public. He needs his phone conversations to remain private as well because that’s one place he has felt safe enough to speak freely. That safety is about to be jeopardized and he’s scared shitless.

When Obama and Clinton made disparaging comments about red-state voters, Republicans went nuts. They were angry at being looked down upon, and it fortified their distrust of educated, professional people.

Can you imagine how they’ll feel if they know Trump sees them as stupid, weak and easy to manipulate?



L.A. Fosner

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