Trump's Town Hall Was a Joke

CNN is becoming the new FOX

L.A. Fosner
3 min readMay 11


Man in suit, viewed from behind. One is is held up as if taking and oath. the other shows his fingers crossed, behind his back.
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What might have been an opportunity to set the record straight was instead an unmitigated disaster. The appointed mitigator, Kaitlin Collins, did her best to call him on his lies, but she was unsuccessful. The audience was hand-picked — and whoever picked them was not interested in either impartiality or truth.

Trump's lies were numerous and bundled together so that Ms. Collins couldn't do more than call out an occasional statement for correction while dozens of misleading statements and outright lies went unchecked — just as they always do. When she did land a solid correction, Trump's blank stare and the lack of any sign that her statement registered with the audience made the entire affair a disturbing spectacle.

As usual, he resorted to calling her "nasty" when she pushed him to answer questions directly. He also repeated, throughout the evening, his lies about the 2020 election being stolen — and while her consistency in correcting Trump on that point was admirable, it had no effect on the audience of "likely Republican voters."

From the questions posed by the audience, it was clear that none of them had any interest in the facts — they were there to validate their belief in Donald Trump, and they got what they came for. Trump not only doubled down on every lie he's ever told, but as if to snub the entire legal process that ruled against him in the E. Jean Carroll case, he regurgitated his blatant disrespect for Ms. Carroll, who he has been found liable for sexually assaulting and defaming.

When Trump claimed he didn't know who Carroll was and called her a "nut job," it was not surprising that the audience laughed in approval. It was clear that nobody in the audience watched the coverage of the legal process, or they would have known about the photo in which Trump appeared with Ms. Carroll — and that he mistook her for his former wife, Marla Maples — putting the lie to his other claim, that "She's not my type."

It's hard to believe that after this disgusting display, CNN or any other network worthy of calling itself "news" would allow a reprisal of this event in the future, but the right-leaning network has made it clear that…



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